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Join us this year at the
Stanley A. Milner Library

Come volunteer at
Resource Connect!

We're looking for volunteers eager to help us put together our annual Resource Connect gathering. If you're interested in lending a hand, get in touch with us!

Reimagining service pathways by fostering connections

You are invited to join us at our annual Resource Connect. It will be a day of connecting with and understanding the different agencies and groups who work with and provide services to communities across Edmonton. By coming together, we hope to build a stronger community of service, become more aware of each other and explore possibilities for increased alignment and mutual support.


Mapping service landscapes together

Build on the relationships that already exist between service providers.


Together let’s uncover service gaps in the system to better meet the needs of the community. This will be done through the mapping of barriers community members have  to accessing services.


Let’s also uncover the hidden connections and opportunities that exist in the community. This is done by understanding the system of services community members need.


Meet other service providers in the community. Understand the goals and impacts of their work.

Join us this year at the
Stanley A. Milner Library


Share the impact of your work

How have you been contributing to the well-being of your community? Let's share our successes and our knowledge with each other.


Let the community know what your goals and outcomes are.


Share the achievements and success stories that resulted from your work.


Share your research and insights from the work you've done in the community


Discover work and volunteer opportunities

Are you a passionate volunteer looking for the right organization to spend your time with? Are you a researcher or academic looking for the right group to build your knowledge with? This is the right event for you.


Meet all of the important organizations making an impact throughout Edmonton all in one place.


Discover all of the volunteer and employment opportunities that exist in the Resource Connect community.


Share your feedback on the volunteer opportunities you want to see organizations offer.

Join us this year at the
Stanley A. Milner Library

Join us this year at the Stanley A. Milner Library

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Edmonton Public Library
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